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Walnut kernels

   "Plantabul" Ltd. purchased and processed nuts and walnuts all over the country. The same preparation is done in the "Factory for nuts", reconstructed by European standard, and situated in the town of Shumen. It is done drying, mechanical and manual cleaning and sorting fractions, packaging, labeling and palletizing according to customer requirements, storage. To achieve greater efficiency and productivity of the labor base is equipped with modern technology, providing a sort of kernel color. In order to ensure the safety of our products on human health and the provision of high quality, the factory is certified with HACCP, performing stringent checks at all stages of production.

   In addition to walnuts, the company offers in-shell nuts. Bulgarian walnut has incredible taste, due to its favorable geographical position of our country. The high quality of the nuts we offer due to its precise handling. Green shell of walnut fruit is removed using abrasive peeler. Already peeled walnuts are washed thoroughly with water without using chemicals, which ensures the preservation of the natural color and flavor of the fruit. Nuts are dried in natural sunlight, and then pass through a hot air oven, until the moisture content of not more than 7 percent. Then we calibrate the nuts according to their size: 26-28 mm 28-30 mm 30-32 mm + 32 millimeters. The production is legalized, packaged and marked according to the preferences of the client.

   Manufactured products reach all corners of the world - Europe, Australia, Asia, North and South America.