Tea is a favorite drink in Western countries, but it receives the greatest respect in its homeland, China. There, drinking this unique hot drink is a real bliss for the senses. According to hundreds of legends passed down from generation to generation, Shennong is considered to be the discoverer of tea.

Legend has it that one day the ruler was in the garden of the palace and then some leaves fell into his warm water. He was fascinated by how the color of the water changed and after tasting it, he was amazed by the drink. From then until today, the abundance of thousands of types of tea in China is enormous. There are even specialized, large markets where tea for every taste is available.

In our country, drinking tea is mainly associated with a cold or some other ailment of the body. And in fact, this perception of the warm elixir is incorrect. In addition to being invigorating, tea is also useful. In the height of winter, when tea is supposed to be drunk the most because of the cold weather, we're actually doing our body a favor without even realizing it. Tea cleanses the body of fat, gives energy and protects against various diseases.

Over the years, this warm drink has shown humanity and continues to prove how beneficial it is to the human body. A number of scientists recommend its constant use, even in the summer. Then it can be drunk chilled, but it would certainly have a much more invigorating effect on the body than any cold carbonated drink.

The abundance of useful herbs in Bulgaria is really great, and each of them is different and has its own special effect on the human body.